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K-9 Aldo Rose & Amy Pugh

K-9 Aldo Rose Ofc. Amy Pugh

The Port Clinton Police Department is proud to introduce their newest K-9 member, Aldo Rose, a Belgian Malinois born on 1/1/22 in the Czech Republic. Aldo was purchased and professionally trained through Shallow Creek Kennels, and is a valuable addition to the Department’s Canine Program.

Aldo is a dual-purpose canine, certified in narcotics detection, searches, tracking, and apprehension. His specialized training equips him to perform a wide range of duties aimed at maintaining public safety and enforcing the law. He is partnered with Officer Amy Pugh, who is Ottawa County’s first female K-9 handler.

Aldo and Officer Pugh work together to enhance the Department’s capabilities in various law enforcement tasks. Their collaboration brings a unique dynamic to the team, showcasing the dedication and expertise that is representative of the Port Clinton Police Department.

The Port Clinton Police Department is honored to have Aldo and Officer Pugh as integral members of their Canine Program. Their commitment to public safety and their professionalism are valued assets to the Department, and their contributions are essential in serving and protecting the community.